travelling closet

Today i went to the bank, same as yesterday.
i had to do all the paper work for my credit card. im happy to tell i have it now!

i'll do a post soon with all the places i'll be going to, but now, i want to talk about the lolita clothes i'll take with me.
it was such a hard work cause i had to choose and love stuff behind,
all the pieces can go with black and white, and both shoes. same with socks.
i think im happy with my final choice.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Innocent World Jsk
Baby,tssb baby doll jsk

♥Bodyline Cardigan

♥Baby,tssb pink skirt
♥Handmade unicorn parade skirt
♥Heart E sax skirt
Handmade god save the queen skirt
♥Putumayo BxW skirt
♥Como Quieres Que Te Quiera gray skirt

♥Bodyline black shirt
♥Anna house white skirt

♥Bodyline union jack purse

47 Street heart purse

♥Baby, tssb parasol

Montreal rhs
♥Bodyline flats
♥otk white socks
♥otk black socks
♥BxW bodyline otk socks
♥knee high heart socks
knee high bodyline striped pink socks

im still missing accesories, and head stuff but i'll decide that later.
overall, i think this is the final choice. all the skits and jsk can go with both shirts and shoes.
same with socks. i know i may add more last minute things..

i just hope everything fits in the suitcase!

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  1. "♥Handmade god save the queen skirt"

    jojoo vas a poder usarla en un lugar oportuno xDD !

    :D espero que te vaya muuy lindo y mucha suerte !!!


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