i've got mail!


yay! few weeks ago i got this super cute meta skirt, and i got it today!

such a cute skirt, i love the logo and the music details and the tulle<3
is actually short, so it wont work for tall girls, it has a bit of shirring in the back but still is quite small, it fits me awesomely!
it is great for casual and to use it when you don't want too much attention.
yay for meta!


  1. So cuuute! I love great big logo skirts like this!

  2. OMG es monisima!

    Y me encanta el coordinate

  3. O: I have been looking for that skirt absolutely forever, I'm so envious! But it really looks gorgeous on you. :D

    If I may ask, did you get it new or from a seller?

  4. Es realmente hermosa! *^* simple, y divina las notas musicales ♥

    me gustó como te quedó todo combinado n3n

  5. @caro-chan: i know, i love them too, i wish i had baby border print too ;O;
    @ashin: muchas gracias!
    @ Kylix: thank you so much. i got it from the EGL comm sales, the waist ties are missing so i got it cheap, and it was worn few times, but it looks like new!
    @mailo:gracias! fue algo rapido para probarmelo, ya cuando la use para salir hare algo mas lindo n.n


Thank you for your time!! xoxo