regular life sucks

today i went to starbucks to study,this is going to be the first of many boring days.

i had a coffee with chocolate and finished some papers

then i went to the bookstore and bought North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell.

she is really growing on me, kinda jane austen style but i've seen some series based on her novels so i decided to read her too.

i have lots of test comming so every day will be pretty much the same for a while.
at least i will be able to go back to 1840 for some hours, that is something, right?

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  1. Oh you look so summer-ish but with winter clothes, that's quite fabulous plus you are wearing the necklace you got here. ^_^;

    This post makes me wanna go buy a book as well. I have to start reading more. <3


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