Latest outfits

how is everyone doing? i have a couple of outfits to share!

I wore this to have lunch with my parents

skirt is handmade
shoes are bodyline
rest is offbrand

family came over to have dinner last monday, this is what i wore

very casual to stay at home, sorry for the mirror pic.

skirt is metamorphose
socks and shoes are bodyline
rest is offbrand

even though is spring time here, friday was a cold day, and i was stressed because study so i cheered myself up wearing one of my fave handmade skirts

red shoes would look awesome but i don't have D: (yet)

skirt is handmade
top is miss selfridge
shoes (again) bodyline
socks primark

today i went out with my friends and i wanted to wear the new alice tee my friends got me <3

skirt is putumayo
tee is offbrand
bow is handmade
socks and shoes bodyline
(those are my everyday shoes, but i need new ones cause these ones broke D: )

that's it for today <3
hope you had a great weekend

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