This is why i love lolita: I

sometimes i feel overwhelmed whenever i see something too pretty, i know it may sound weird, but it's true. Beauty is something very subjective, but lolita made me find new things that are simply gorgeous. and not just dresses.
Trully pieces of art, wearable art.
I've found this amazing indie brand the other day, another reason to realize that this is why i love lolita.
today: pupy flower
they make exquisite stuff, with the most lovely details and fantastic laces.

you can see more here in their website.

i hope you loved them as much as i did!


  1. Very nice classic stuff~! The headdresses reminded me that I need to make a head piece before my meet up this weekend XD

    thank you for this link!

  2. Those are exquisite! I love the regimental stripe dress.

  3. wow indie lolita, really cute ^^

  4. I stumbled across this brand a while ago! Their dresses are truly gorgeous ^_^

  5. @ワリス haha how was the headdress in the end?
    @SaffronSugar i know! i loved that dress too
    @kurara indie rocks!
    @HSP indeed they are

  6. realmente hermosos! ♥
    el primero y el último con el bonnet son los que más me encantaron *_*


Thank you for your time!! xoxo