Animate 2010

Hello ladies how is everyone doing? yesterday i went to the biggest convention here in Buenos Aires. This is actually the only convention i like to go, since is not just anime but comics and films,which is awesome. there was a fantastic star wars team.
i haven't wore sweet in quite a long time, so i wanted to go a bit OTT not that much cause OMG IT WAS HOT, and i was kinda dying, but it was fun though.

accessorie shot

Blouse & Vest offbrand
Skirt is Angelic Pretty
Socks & Purse are Bodyline
Shoes are Anna House
Hat and Accessories are all handmade

i hope you liked it
have a great day


  1. You look very fab! that print is also very cute

  2. Love this! You look so sweet but still really classy ♥

  3. Very cute! Will there be other photos of the event later? :)

  4. @carousellian thank you <3
    @miss lumpy thanks dear
    @focusing maybe, i don't have really good pics tho

  5. Yo te había visto pasar en el Animate y estabas hermosa como siempre!
    me encanta como te queda todo, cualquier estilo puede sentarte de maravilla ♥

  6. @mailo muchas gracias! la proxima saluda D: no seas timida


Thank you for your time!! xoxo