Monster Walk 2010

on saturday it was the monster walk 2010, lots of people dressed as bloody monsters walked the streets of buenos aires screamming and asking for blood.
so much fun

this is what i wore

this guy had a sword. do i need to say more?

and to conmemorate momoko,

hope you liked it, how was your halloween?


  1. cute outfit! I like the creepy doll :)
    a question about your stockings (or leggings?) Are those lines drawn on or are they stockings over a white legging? I love the look of them!

  2. @riechan thank you! they are two pairs of srockings, the spider web ones and regular white ones!

  3. that's pretty amazing! :D Also you look fabulous ~! I wish we had something like this around.

  4. That is such an awesome idea, a monster walk. You look great, and a lot of those are scary.

  5. Muy buenas las fotos! se nota que fue genial!
    Qué lastima que no pude ir :c

  6. I love Halloween and this monsters walk is so cool! Your outfit is perfect n.n

    The same day as Halloween is my boyfriend's birthday so we made a party with some friends, we eat and drink and wore costumes. I was a psychiatric insane girl with a straitjacket and my bf was a sycophant doctor. We had so much fun!

  7. @carousellian thank you so much, it was lots of fun!

    @april thank you so much! indeed some of them were too creepy

    @mailo tendrias que haber venido, fue genial! muchas gracias <3

    @bryanna thank you, you had a great halloween it seems, awesome!


Thank you for your time!! xoxo