Trip part 6: There is no place like london II

oh my i'm taking forever in this! but i do have to finish it before next year, so you'll better be prepare for a lot of trip spam.
i still have TONS of stuff from london so i'll carry on with it.

june 2

first i decided to go to one of the places i wanted to go the most, the Buckingham Palace

i kept walking and went to hyde park, one of the prettiest parks i've been to, i spent lots of time there walking aroud. i saw lots of pretty buildings on the way

i kept walking and went to Harrods <3

i was amazed by all the designer brand stores, i was drolling all over the shoe floor

took the bus and went to Picadilly Circus!

china town!

soho, such an interesting place, full of pubs and cute stores

i found a lovely store with lolitaish clothes, too expensive though

i kept walking and walking all day, until i got hungry so i went to M&S to buy dinner and went home to cook.


  1. Beautiful photographs! I love that pink and white wall art in the boutique!

  2. Lovely pictures, Europe is so beautiful!

  3. Las fotos son hermosas! como siempre ♥

  4. ahhhi am so very jealous.
    beauuutiful pictures.
    ilove your outfit, you are a doll.<3


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