got mail

so few weeks ago i won some sstuff on auction and now i finally got them :D i was very lucky cause the adress was misswriten! luckyly the mailman knew that it was for me since he brought another stuff to me in the past!
anyways, this is what i got:

Metamorphose Toy Box Skirt in pink
this is a lovely skirt indeed, and the print is darling, but is not entirely my style so i'll sell it.

Metamorphose swan logo totebag
this is brand new with tags!but i don't really need another totebag so i'll sell it too

Angelic Pretty JSK
this jsk is amazing, the lace is really nice and the cut is so cute, but this is huge on me D: so i have to fix it, this jsk is great for formal events and reminds me a bit of chanel

Emily temple cute skirt
this is such a pretty skirt! the fruit print is rather small so is not that flashy and it does not fit a petticoat, so this is great for summer and going out with people that are not used to lolita, such a girly skirt. i love it

now, the best thing of all
Angelic Pretty's Strawberry Ribbon skirt in yellow
oooh i've wanted this skirt in this colorway for a long time and now that i have it i'm thrilled!
the print is fantastic with strawberries and ribbons all over and i'm so happy i finally have a yellow skirt Fruit parlor socks, which i was going to sell until i realized those are the only matchy socks i have for that skirt besides regular pink or white socks, and with the side headdress wich is very nice with three ribbons perfect for an ott kind of look.

i'll be selling some stuff soon so stay tuned!
and you, are you wating for something?


  1. you really lucked out with the mixed up addresses!

  2. Fantastic JSK. I love it.

    And man, if I could afford it, I'd buy that totebag off you. But I can't. *cries*

  3. Awesome haul! Lucky you on the address flub, too.

  4. Lovely items! Love the Angelic Pretty's skirt <3
    I'm also waiting for things to arrive ^^, no lolita things though, items I got from a swap ^^ Hurry mail!

  5. I adore the top skirts i think they have everything to do with you (even though you don't agree). Not so much the jsk, think its a bit too plain.
    It's like xmas early isn't it?


Thank you for your time!! xoxo