im such a bad blogger

oh dear i'm so sorry for all these days without posting, and i'm sorry to tell you this will be a very lame post aswell.
you see i was on hollidays, in the mountains and even though i had internet (thank god) it was very weak so i couldn't really post.
Anyways sadly i haven't wore lolita in a long time, i did dressed up for xmas but i don't have a pic, so it's the same.
this is what i wore the last day of the decade

nothing too special as you can see. i was not very in a festive mood. and since i'm not even in my own pc -cause i don't have WiFi- I'll show you a pic of the amazing place i'm at right now -well not RIGHT now, but you get the point-

i'm not even sure when i'll return. I just hope soon, i really REALLY miss my friends, what can i say, i'm a city girl.

overall i hope you had an awesome xmas and a great new years. Please 2011 be awesome.

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  1. Ahh the mountains~
    I'd like to vacation somewhere scenic. I too haven't blogged much because I spent time in Vegas so don't feel too bad about not blogging. It's the holidays so I'm sure a lot of blogs were neglected XD


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