Buenos Aires Fashion week: day 1

So today i went to the first day of this year Fashion week, Winter edition.
I always Adore going to these kind of events, you get to see lots of cool people there and tons of creative garments. BAFW is not like NYC FW at all, but it's still fun.

there were some cool people i took snap of

çthe stands were decorated very nice aswell

and the most important thing, the clothes.

There were runway shows, but i had to leave earlier for work, still i was in one of the designer's conference
Benito Fernandez, an argentinian designer specialized in haute couture.

and saw a famous model too, Nicole Neumann

i feel like such an elf next to her lol

and what i wore of course

i'm going on thursday and friday again and i'll get to see the runways then
what can i say, i love fashion too much.


  1. Thanks for sharing, the close are so pretty. I totally love the white dress with the beads

  2. ooooooh gosh, i need to go.
    I am from argentina, and i don't even know why i speaking in english now haha
    you're so pretty!


Thank you for your time!! xoxo