We Love Designer: Top 5 Wishlist

I know we all have those platonic designer items we wish to have so badly and dream about them being in our closet. Today i went shopping with a friend and got in the wait list for these Vivienne Westwood Shoes, and we starting talking about designer things we'd like to have, and i think these are my top five:

1: Chanel's 2.55 bag
2: Alexander McQueen Skull scarf
3: Chanel pearl necklace

4-Miu Miu pink mary janes

5-Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform boots

And yours?


  1. Hola nenis! como estas? ame ame el pañuelo de Alexander!♥ y me enamore de las plataformas de Jeffrey, aunque me gustaria mas que el taco sea negro x) que estes bien!!

    un besote,


Thank you for your time!! xoxo