And the winner is..

Sorry for the delay! i've been sooo busy you've no idea.I've picked the winner of the Metamorphose Totebag Giveaway! Winner was picked through and based on comments on the blog post  as the rules stated.
Don't worry if you've lost , i'm going to do another one as soon as i hit 300 followers! 
This week i'll go crazy! tomorrow i'm going to sew my hat, finish the fake nails and the hair for the runway show. And i still have to pack ( i like to do it with lots of time) and finish some paperwork for the trip.

Perdón por la demora! Estuve tan ocupada que ni se imaginan!
Ya elegí la ganadora del Metamorphose Totebag Giveaway!  
La ganadora fue elegida por medio de y basándome en los comentarios de este post  como decía en las reglas.
No se preocupen si no ganaron, porque voy a hacer otro ni bien alcance los 300 followers!
Esta semana me voy a volver loca! Mañana tengo que coser el sombrero , terminar mis uñas postizas y el pelo para el desfile.Y aun tengo que empacar (es algo que me gusta hacer con tiempo) y terminar tramites para el viaje.

But i bet you all wanna know who the winner is..


Thank you everyone who was part of it 
  1. Joana 
  2. danae
  3. S-Gau
  4. Flor
  5. Kayla
  6. Chelsey
  7. Valerie
  8. Camila
  9. Stephanie
  10. Claudia
  11. Nadia
  12. Lourdes
  13. Veronica
  14. StormWind
  15. Azucena
  16. Tracy
  17. Edna
  18. Kei
  19. Natalia
  20. Ivonne
  21. Abbey 
  22. Fatima
  23. Lucia
  24. Miya
  25. Catherine
  26. Jessica
  27. Valeria
  28. Sydney
  29. Erica
  30. Nicole
  31. Viola
  32. Sonia
  33. Justine
  34. Enshu
  35. Carola
  36. Sarah
  37. Elizabeth
  38. Anna
  39. Kelly
  40. Caro
  41. Valentine
  42. Deanna
  43. Amanda
  44. Honeyandcokie
  45. Katerine
  46. Andrea
  47. Francisca
  48. Nicole
  49. Kirsten
  50. Mia
  51. Geneviebe
  52. Jackie
  53. Punk
  54. Gail
  55. Rachel
  56. Zara 
Have a nice start of your week!
Tengan un lindo comienzo de semana!



  1. I won?! Thank you SO very much! <3 ^o^

  2. thanks swthrt....i love your blog too....follower.....yup im in buenos aires... yea we should hang out :)

  3. Congratulations to the girl who won the Totebag :3

    And, it's ok. I didn't won but, at lease, I discovered a very good blog <3


Thank you for your time!! xoxo