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Strike a pose! how are you all doing? I got a necklace for myself, at last! an early present along with this shirt i've been wanting since for ever fom Hey Mcfly.
This is probably going to be the last post of the year, the moving got to the final point and i may not even have internet in the new house for a while, so if i don't end up dying or something i still won't be able to post until the internet guys decide, even if i had couple of things prepared, oh well. 
Still it is too damn hot to even breathe here, the wind is almost like a blow-drier, one does not want to leave the house. How was your Christmas?(if you celebrate it) i don't need to say mine was chaotic but still lovely. I got couple of awesome things i'll be showing you soon enough. 
Have a fantastic new year! thank you for all the support, i love you! 

ps: win this amazing necklace on the giveaway

Tee by Hey Mcfly
Taobao Shorts
H&M Bag

ph by my friend ine 


  1. oooh , it looks so warm! its so cold and rainy over here! I love the slogan tee!

    Project Rattlebag


  2. Linda Lessie esa remera!
    Estoy de sorteo, pasen a ver.

  3. I was thinking that it's impossible to translate the sentence "STRIKE A POSE" to spanish. Well, not impossible, but IT'S NOT THE SAME. You know. Nevermind.

    Looooooooooove the entire outfit.

  4. They turned out lovely ♥ :)

  5. They turned out lovely ♥ :)

  6. I love your shorts, they look perfect for the summer heat! Wish it was just a bit warmer here (been raining non stop :( )

    Sarah x

  7. shoes are from???

  8. Me muero con la camiseta, es lo más... In vogue we trust, but more in your style I trust, jajajaja! Bella, bella, bella!


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