Like every month it is time for some Instagram action! i want to thank y'all for the almost  600 followers! and if you are not doing it already, you can follow me here .There is also a new video on my YT channel if you want to check it out -> here  

1-sewing project //2-skulls and tartan // 3-Shoe porn // 4-classic
5-Part of my sunnies collection // 6-New in from Romwe
7-Mandatory movie for when sick  // 8-Truth be told
9-Sailor moon+pokemon vhs+ woody // 10-Amazing banana waffles
11-Perfect hair for the day // 12-night-time routine 
13-Dark makeup // 14-Pear toast and tea
15-The new icons // 16-My Room
17-Studying // 18- Clueless 
19-Candies // 20-Cheshire meeting Alice

and btw, i have two awesome news for you, since we're talking about instagram Romwe is hosting a contest!  upload a picture of YOU wearing Romwe leggings but Now you can participate even if you don't own any leggings! 
1. Take a photo in Romwe leggings if you have or post a screenshot of Romwe leggings on our website if you don’t have
2. Post with @romwe #romwemay “I’m xxx(name), I’m in xxx(city), I wear Romwe leggings” on Instagram
3. Mark your location
4. Follow Romwe on Instagram
5. Expired time: 06/09/2013

Check the contest (@romwe) you will know how to join:  

And there is also a Memorial Day sale! 20% off!  (25-05 - 27-05) 
Don't miss it! 


  1. Hola! Solo por curiosidad, dónde estudias/estudiaste moldería/diseño?? O sos autodidacta? Podés contarnos más de tu proyecto? Besos!!

    1. Hola Gisele! estudíe moldería en un lugar que se llama Escuela de modas y diseño ( todo el resto me lo enseño mi abuela y la maña haha. Estoy haciendo un vestido negro con falda plato , sin magas un poco abajo de la rodilla :) cúando lo termine lo van a ver! Gracias por pasar <3

  2. Hola Less! ¿Como estas?
    foto n°3 ame esos zapatosss, son DIVINOS!
    genial el cubrecama ♥ y amé la foto de The Notebook!
    Tenemos que juntarnos antes del prox baf! exijo juntada blogger!

    Te mando un besote!


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