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I don't know if you're aware that our dear Google Reader is shutting down, sad news indeed. Maybe you are like me and your daily routine consists in checking out your favorite blogs, and since I don't want to lose yours, here are some tips so you don't miss what's going on (note: this may apply to all the blogs you follow)

No se si saben que Google Reader va a cerrar, muy triste noticia. A lo mejor son como yo y su rutina diara consiste en leer sus blogs favoritos y como no quiero perderlos, acá hay algunas formas que pueden usar para no perderse nada de lo que pase (nota: pueden aplicar esto a todos los blogs que siguen)

1-Follow by Email, simple as that. You'll get an email every time the blog is updated
1-Seguir con el Mail, es fácil. Cada vez que el blog se actualice les llega un correo.

2-Follow via Bloglovin.  Bloglovin is a handy website we use to follow multiple blogs, you can manage them and make groups to your liking, very simple and easy yet so useful.
2-Seguir con Bloglovin. Bloglovin es una pagina muy util que usamos para seguir varios blogs, los podés arreglar en grupos segun tu agrado, simple y facil de usar. 

Import your google reader blogs to Bloglovin here , just follow the steps

3-Follow with Facebook. If you clic -add to your interests- you will get a notification for updates
3-Seguir con Facebook. Si le dan clic a -agregar a tus intereses- van a tener una notificación por actualizaciones. 

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  1. También tengo el mismo problema. Hace un par de meses instale Feedly. Lo bueno que tiene, es que podes importar todo del Reader. La interfaz es distinta, pero al igual que Reader, se sincroniza en todos los dispositivos. Hay que acostumbrarse.

  2. really hope that GFC doesn't go away with google reader, since i just used my blogger dash board + bloglovin' to keep up with my blogs. but great post on how to keep updated with other blogs. that being said, love reading your blog and would love it if we could follow each other via Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know.



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