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  • hey 2009, take care! good bye..

    so i was plannign a photo post, but im so damm lazy to do it,so..importan 2009 things list10 things that I’ve done a lot this year:-i Met, cherry, sistinas and michelle-i started Strawberry cute-i had a runaway show-i went to madonna’s concert-i graduated from highschool-La Croix Noire was created-i got awesome’s new friends-i got him-my closset is a lot bigger-i finish the 1rst year of the sewing school :3

    10 songs I’ve listened to a lot this year:

    My selene- sonata acrticagolden slumbers- the beatlesin my life- the beatlesglass onion- the beatlesbad romance- lady gagalove game-lady gagaserenade-kamelotzombie-versaillesshe is not me-madonnasomeone special-poets of the fall

    5 movies I’ve seen this year and love:Harry Potter 6Cocosense&sensibility♥Jane eyreangels and demmons♥

    besides the drama, and the troubles, it was a good year.thank you all for being there with me! i really apreciate it♥what are your plans for today?!im having dinner here, and then i’ll go to a friend’s house♪still don’t know what to wear-.-HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONEI♥ YOULET’S ROCK THIS 2010!!!

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