• Hace relativamente poco que me empecé a interesar en los podcast (sí, re de Millennial …
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  • York es una ciudad al norte de Inglaterra, a unas dos horas de viaje en …
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  • Estas fotos me las pasó Flor hace ya varias semanas pero no me puse a …
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  • Cuando empecé a meterme más de lleno en el feminismo, lo primero que quise …
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  • Few weeks ago, i went to a convention cause my friends were having a HP themed room. :Dit was pretty fun, the convention was like the rest of the conventions so nothing to be surprised of.anyway, this is what i wore.*angry face*nerd loli is nerdaccesories shotamazing cookine made by Klara♥toy bracelet i made!Skirt is BodylineShoes are anna housesocks, shirt offbrandAccesories: toy bracelet, headbow, strawberry ring. handmade by me, cookie necklace made by klara , bow broach bday gift.at the same convention, there was Koji Wada who is a japanese rock singer! (he did some digimon themes)so we took a photo and signed me an autograph!i was not planning on meeting him, cause i didn’t have a propper ticket, but a random nice girl gave me one!then, we went to the HP room, where my friends were. Who needs a carrage when you have a nimbus!-AP is better!-no, baby is better! take it back, you’re gonna eat your bloomers!*lol*then we went to take some pics in the kindergarden xDDmy skirt almost broke D:silly pose ftw! i missed my friends a lot! we have to see each other more often u.ui had so much fun! the same day, i went to a bar with my girlfriends, we had some margaritas and took some pics!i LOVE my friends!


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    1. さくら
      febrero 25, 2010 / 8:56 pm

      lessie tan linda ♥___♥ame la foto con la barita ♥~ y la escoba XD q genial *O*

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