im back! it’s been so long since my last update, but now i will start telling you about the trip i made.on may 15th, i left buenos aires, to start what i already knew it was going to be the best trip of my was the first time i was travelling alone, just me and my sense of adventure. i wasn’ t going on a weekend trip to some beach near my city, i was going to the old continent, 11.087 km away from home.with my suitcases packed, my heart about to explode, and a smile i could not hide, i left argentina, i left the winter, my family and the comfort of my bed. 12 hours later i step foot in basically, the best place i’ve ever known.finally, after all those years of dreaming, thinking and aspiring, i was there. and i could not believe my eyes.i was in england, at last.


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  1. Amelie
    julio 26, 2010 / 1:05 pm

    Welcome to England! I can't completely understand why anyone would want to holiday here in the land of the mist and rain, but I hope the weather stays lovely for your trip and that you get to see the really pretty parts of this country while you're here. ^-^ If I may ask, whereabouts are you staying?

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