• trip part 4: liverpool

    while listening to In My Life , i got on the Manchester train and On may 30th i finally reached Liverpool after a bit ouf trouble and lot of stress!i must say i only went to liverpool because of my beatlemania. it is a nice city, but not as nice as oxford, or the other place i went to, but i had to go.i fulfilled many dreams there.

    one of those dreams, was of course, going to The Cavern.

    after that marvelous experience, and a bit of tears, i went to Penny Lane Ston my way there, i met three nice colombian girls, and we had our beatle tour togetheryou could see a beatle-detail in every corner!and then, let me take you down, cause we were going to strawberry fields!just around the corner (almost) was John Lennon’s birth place, i finally complete the circle.i saw the place he was killed in, the place he grew up, and now where he was born!i stayed there just one day, when i was leaving i saw this weird parade, i’ve no idea what was it for.i went to take my train, when i realized, i’ve lost all my credit cards, AND my train ticket..so i freaked out.i was alone, in another country, i had no internet or phone whatsoever. With two large suitcases, and almost no cash.so i went to the ticket cabin and i ask the man there:What is the cheapest way i have to get to london?

    btw: daily lolia post here

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    1. Bluie
      agosto 16, 2010 / 1:40 pm

      That was the orange walk you saw going on, they do this to celebrate the victory of Prince William of Orange over King James II.I'm glad you had a great time while you were in Liverpool and got to live out your dreams there.

    2. Lessie
      agosto 16, 2010 / 9:47 pm

      @Bluie thank you so much for telling me, i was so curious!england is my place in the world. <3

    3. Panesito
      agosto 21, 2010 / 12:37 am

      oh dios mio, que envidia! te tengo en facebook y hace rato estaba viendo las fotos de tu viaje por Europa, y realmente te envidio mucho! conociste lugares fascinantes, y Liverpool en especial me parece REcool *w* soy super fan de los beatles! por eso me emocione jaja.. de hecho este verano hice photoshoots inspirados en canciones de ellos :3

    4. MaiLo
      agosto 30, 2010 / 11:51 pm

      OH~ *0* las fotos!!! se pasan ♥ se nota que la pasaste más que de maravilla; concuerdo con Panesito en que tmb fui una de las que vio las fotos tuyas del viaje por facebook y son hermosas y claro, un tanto de envidia xD pero QUE HERMOSO SUEÑO ESTÁS VIVIENDO TwT ojalá pueda leer pronto que puedas hacerte un viaje así~ me encanta leer cuando alguien cumple sus sueños o metas! xD y adoro las fotos~ soy una fanática de fotos, viajes, etc. aunque aún no pude darme el lujo de poder disfrutar uno; aunque no dudo que lo tendré si me propongo trabajar, ahorrar y organizar! *0*así fue que perdiste las tarjetas?! T____T moriria de miedo!~

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