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  • Hello ladies!! how is everyone doing today?on saturday i went to the japases garden to see my friend who was going to model like his doll. It was so much fun to see al the models like real size versions of their dolls!

    it was fun, i’m not a con person though i just go to see friends, i have no idea about anime or cosplay xD, anyway, this is what i wore, i want to wear more classic u.u

    lol at my face xDDthe guy who was taking pics for the park made me do this, i still like it thoughaccessorie shot

    better pic of the hair and hat n.nOp: BabyAccessories: handmade, vintage,randomShoes: montrealSocks: primarkHat: customizedBonus: me, luis and his doll, Horizon. doesn’t he look awesome?!how was your weekend?xxps: new layout soon <3


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    5 Comentarios

    1. MaiLo
      octubre 25, 2010 / 10:45 pm

      Aii estabas divina! 😀 siempre estás hermosa con tus outfits ♥

    2. Deranged Loli
      octubre 25, 2010 / 11:05 pm

      You are so freakin' adorable! I love your braids too.

    3. Lola
      octubre 26, 2010 / 3:30 am

      So CUTE♥~xD

    4. Lessie
      octubre 26, 2010 / 5:32 am

      @Mailo gracias <3<3@deranged loli thank you so much <3@lola thank you<3

    5. ワリス
      octubre 27, 2010 / 6:52 pm

      How awesome! I've never heard of an event like that before! Maybe the dolls aren't as popular in my area yet to have something like that..But I love your coordinate! It's very classy and the hat is a nice touch 😀

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