• Lolita pet peeves challenge

    Lolita in secret has challenge us lolita bloggers to make a list of 5 things that we hate/annoy in lolita.i had to think this for quite a long time, and i came up with this, do tell if you agree or disagree with me please!1-Wa Lolita. ok i really hate wa. it looks too much of a costume, and i’ve never ever seen anyone pull it of nicely, most of them are just plain. the idea is quite lovely to be fair, but the execution is just lame.2-Customs: we all know this is a big problem in the lolita universe. you buy something, and you are waiting the package so anxiously and BAM! customs appears, i mean i know i have to pay my taxes, but really, THAT MUCH? for an USED DRESS?go kill yourself. and i hate the fact that it is so random. maybe a package of something really expensive pass without trouble, and a cheap crap stop being cheap after all the customs..cof cof bodyline cof cof..3-overpricethis goes both brand and second hand pieces. do i REALLY have to pay 50 usd for a grosgrain ribbon? i mean i can make the same ribbon with much less of that. same with socks, sometimes i kind of get the idea of buying brand cute socks but i won’t really spend 40usd in a pair, there is no way, that is just insane. 4-japanese make up on western girls i do agree some of them look nice, but i really dislike the white eyeliner, heavy black eyeliner, circle lenses, really, it looks terrible, i get it when japanese girls do it, BUT YOUR EYES ARE BIG ALREADY. /rant5-Knee high socks with short skirts: i think it looks ugly, please wear OTK if the skirt is short on you, or tights!i do have more..i’ll write those later

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