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    hello ladies, i’ve decided to start a new section here, called Bloomers Talk. Interviews made to lolitas from all over the world. i would like to do this two times a month.My first interview is Rosie, from San Marcos California.Lessie: hey Rosie how are you!

    Rosie: fresh as a daisy! D:

    thank you for the interview.

    I had no idea we were talking about interviewing me when you mentioned it =3

    well yeah, cause you’re cool, and interesting

    really? I always thought I was boring, but thank you, my dear

    You’re welcome n.n so when did you start wearing Lolita?

    i think the first time I wore it was when I was in high school

    But I only wore it sometimes cuz people looked at me like I was a weirdo D:

    that happens a lot!

    R: yeah but it doesn’t bother me now, back then it did

    how did you find out about it?

    when I was in high school I really loved decora! And I would buy Japanese fashion magazines like Kera; i saw all the other styles in that magazine. I discovered Lolita from magazines

    oh cool, I’ve never heard that. Which was your first dress?

    well I think the first Lolita outfit I owned was from bodyline. It was an angelic pretty school uniform replica; it was a tartan skirt and white blouse with a tie

    do you still have it?

    no way! I sold it a loooong time ago, but I think I still have the tie somewhere XD

    haha, when was this, you said high school but when

    hmm boy that was like 9 years ago, *is old*

    oh my god! Long time ago! And what happened then, back then it was not common to find stuff, how did you manage?

    yeah back then none of the brands had oversea stores. Bodyline products were sold by another company for cosplay. They sold on eBay =)

    so you kept buying bodyline stuff?

    nope I only bought that one outfit and then I found a Korean based replica store on eBay

    I forgot the name of the brand but I know they still have a store today. I think I only bought maybe two dresses from them

    which one was your first brand piece?

    I didn’t own any major brand until like 3 years ago when I bought an angelic pretty lucky pack

    Oh wait…my first brand dress was actually Meta! I bought a lot of metamorphose things when I first started wearing Lolita regularly, mostly I bought skirts because they were cheaper XD

    Metamorphose’ “room print” was the first brand dress I owned.

    that is a lovely dress!

    it was really comfortable, too! I bought it in black =3

    I know your favorite color is pink, how did you start wearing pink Lolita clothes

    that’s my favorite question! When I was in high school I was always dressing in black

    I was kind of emo but we didn’t call it emo back in those days, haha; I actually hated pink most of my life, until I discovered angelic pretty. It changed my life! After I bought my first angelic pretty dress I only wore pink

    that is fascinating, what was the thing you liked about AP

    I liked that it was so ridiculously over the top cute! So many bows and frills! It wasn’t boring to me at all, (I actually thought baby the stars shine bright was reaaally boring and I didn’t understand why so many people liked it) XD

    (But I never said anything because baby was the most popular brand back in those days)

    which one was the first AP print you got

    the first print I got was magical etoile in pink, it was a skirt!

    I love magical etoile! Did you sell it as well?

    yes, once I got addicted to angelic pretty I sold all the other brand I owned

    And after that I decided I only wanted the OPs so I sold my magical etoile skirt, too

    and why do you prefer ops

    when I wear skirts I look shorter because of the cutsews and blouses. I’m really tall and it looks weird! But OPs don’t make me look strange.

    Also, I’m too lazy to coordinate outfits so OPs are easier XD

    haha, how many dresses do you own

    hmmm right now I think I have 20 dresses

    are they all AP prints?

    yup! My goal is to collect them all!

    like pokemons! Haha


    which one is your favorite?

    my favorite dress is cherry berry bunny. It holds the best memories for me

    and your dream dress, the one you’d love to have

    my dream dress isn’t a print, actually it’s an AP dress that has two bunnies on the sides and a bunny bonnet, and I forgot what it’s called though XD

    I think I know that one

    it’s super expensive! TmT

    how do you afford the clothes, Lolita tends to be super expensive sometimes

    indeed! I mostly buy things used. It’s easy to find good deals on mbok also my ex boyfriend bought me a few dresses so that helped a lot XD but of course the thing that helps the most is working your ass off!

    agreed! are you crafty, do you sew or do other stuff

    i’m terrible at sewing! But I think myself to be artistic. I love to make my own jewelry and deco. Also I love to draw and design

    Lots of girls do the same thing, where do you get the inspiration from

    hmm I really don’t know D: I just look at what I have and think of what I can make with it!

    do you have any Lolita idols

    hmm I don’t think so, well, besides Maki- not really. I love maki though! She’s great! I almost peed my pants when I met her for the first time XD

    isn’t she lovely! I love her too, how did you meet her

    I met her at PMX in 2008 when they had a lovely tea party and fashion show. I think it was their second time in the US. She just walked around all the tables and I had a chance to talk to her a few times, I also talked with her in the boutique. She’s so sweet!

    you do speak Japanese, so it was easier I guess

    it was difficult! I was so nervous I forgot how to say the simplest things!

    but at least you met her! That is a lot to say

    yeah imp very happy that she makes regular visits to the US! I have seen her every year!

    that is awesome! Being AP your favevourite brand, what do you think about their last prints, milky planet and the teddy bears cafe?

    I love all their over the top sweet prints, I bought teddy bears cafe as soon as it came out!

    I tried to buy milky planet but it sold out so fast I almost cried! That print is definitely one of my new favorites

    and what about the very last, marry making party and candy treat

    merry making party wasn’t all that great think it’s the colors I didn’t like and the candy treat one looks cute too but the cut looks kind of boring, I probably will buy those two when I can find them for super cheap on mbok! XD

    hahaaha, which is your favorite accessories to wear

    wrist cuffs! I only have 3 pairs, but I love to wear them all at the same time! It looks epic!

    they are pretty cute indeed, do you wear wigs?

    nope I have too much hair already XD I would only wear wigs if they were really unnatural colors like pink or lavender- but only if they were made of human hair becouse I hate those shiny synthetic wigs. It looks too much like cosplay

    true!! But now there is a new trend of wearing two toned wigs, what do you think of that

    I love that look! want to dye my hair that way!


    I want to keep it dark and natural, so maybe I will dye half of it light brown and keep the other half my natural color: 3

    that is a good idea, I was thinking of dying mine too. Do you attend to lots of tea parties?

    hmm not really. I think the only tea parties I ever go to are the ones Angelic Pretty has.

    Mostly, I go to anime conventions cuz I’m a geek :B

    do you like anime?

    I do, but I never watch it. I’m just not into it anymore; I was a super otaku when I was in high school, though!

    ahaha, lots of girls started Lolita because of anime though

    that seems like a weird transition. Anime- lolita, for me it was thanks to fashion

    that is fab, really, do you have lots of lolita friends

    yes I do! I’m so happy about it, but they all live far away from me

    Actually a big reason I was motivated to dress in Lolita was to have more girl friends and be…girly!

    I was a tomboy most of my life, believe it or not XD

    oh wow and now do you dress Lolita daily, or how often

    nah it’s too hard dressing up every day, especially when I don’t own anything casual

    I only wear my AP for Lolita meets and conventions or concert

    since Lolita, do you dress more girly daily?

    definitely! I used to HATE dresses, I hated them with a passion, but now I wear dresses more than anything! I also learned to wear makeup and to fix my hair nice thanks to Lolita fashion

    what do you think about the Lolita lifestyle

    I find it hard to believe that it exists, since I live in a country where everyone is so liberal

    I have never met or heard of anyone who lives by “lolita rules” and I’m not really sure what they are so I don’t really have an oppinion, and I can’t spell opinion, apparently XD

    ahhaha, you said your friends live far away from you, how so?

    i know lolitas from all over the world. Which is nice but sad too cuz I can’t see them when I want, as for the local lolitas I know they all live in cities that are 1 – 2 hrs away so I don’t see them often

    that is sad, but I have to agree with you! what do you do when you meet

    usually I go to conventions, I see the lolitas from Mexico the most and they have anime conventions all the time!

    are you too far from Mexico?

    i live an hour from the Mexican border, I go to Mexico like once a month =D

    that is awesome, I know a couple of Mexican girls and they are lovely

    yeah I always have a good time with them!

    now, controversial issue, what do you think about replicas

    I love replicas! Brand isn’t losing money to replicas, for one, I see TONS of angelic pretty replicas, but all of angelic pretty things sell out instantly anyway, so I don’t think they are losing any money. I personally don’t buy replicas simply because the original is so much nicer in quality

    But I always buy replica shoes and purses

    they tend to be the same factory usually

    exactly, I don’t want to pay 100 dollars more just for a label

    I know you made some vlogs, why did you start doing them

    the first vlog I made was to show off a package I had received from Meta

    I made it because I was too lazy to take pictures, upload and edit them; it’s easier to just record from webcam XD

    do you think other lolitas should do the same?

    sure! It’s always more fun to see video; I love videos more than pictures anyway

    so, after all these years wearing Lolita, are you happy with its evolution

    yes! I like how it’s branched out into so many different styles and it’s ever-changing

    I’m very open to new things so it’s great because it never gets boring and I’m always surprised

    what do you think about deco loli?

    since I’m a lover of decora of course I love deco loli. It’s the craziest most over the top form of Lolita I’ve seen, I haven’t done it myself that much but I love to see it on other people

    will you ever wear another Lolita style besides sweet?

    i reaaally want to try gothic Lolita, but I don’t see myself spending a lot of money on it so it might not happen (unless someone lets me borrow a dress)

    I’m sure gothic would look awesome on you, because of your hair.

    yeah I can do lots of crazy things with it! XD

    what about classic

    i have tried on a classic dress one time for a fashion show, it looks nice but I got bored of it reaaally fast.

    there is a new classic trend now though, a bit more ott

    I don’t think I’ve seen it but it sounds interesting! I love anything over the top!

    what are your plans for the future, do you plan wearing Lolita for a long time

    i will wear Lolita for as long as I can! I’m lucky I look young otherwise I would stop already XD

    agreed, I know the feeling, what music do you like

    i looove lounge music. Like French pop and bossa nova, but also I love Jrock and K pop

    do you think Lolita is associated with a specific type of music?

    hmm I don’t think so. I’ve seen a lot of lolitas in the music business and they all have different genres

    to finish, how would you describe Lolita as a whole, and can you predict something for the future!

    Lolita to me is a fashion subculture of elegance, cuteness and youth, it’s definitely having an influence on American apparel and probably we will see Lolita fashion becoming more mainstream

    I just hope those damn teenagers don’t ruin it XD

    we just can hope for the best! Thank you a lot, it was so much fun

    thanks for the interview! I don’t think I’ve ever been interviewed before :3

    there is always a first time right!


    check out her Blog and Youtube channelthanks a lot to Rosie, and i hope you liked it!if you want to participate, just say it!

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