• Loliday 2010

    in case you don’t know, tomorrow is the second loliday of the year!

    Loliday is an international, biannual event. It is supposed to take place the 1st Saturday of December, for ladies and gents to sport their warm Winter outfits, and also the 1st Saturday of June, for the Summer outfits. The reason it’s not on a specific date is so that it falls on a Saturday each time. When memos are sent out to the group, the exact date for the upcoming Loliday will be announced as a reminder.

    Originally we want…ed this to take place on Sundays, to coincide with the day Japanese lolies got together in Tokyo, but we Westerners come from a different culture than the Japanese and this poses a small conflict. In Japan, Sunday is the only day there is no school, and it’s their “free day”. In Western cultures—Christian-based ones in particular—Sunday is a holy day, and many people are supposed to stay at home, while Saturdays are the “free days”. At least, this can be said for the U.S…I’m not as sure about Europe and other countries. (Feel free to clarify this if you live outside the U.S.) As such, it would be more appropriate for us to hold outings on Saturdays.


    1. Educate the world on what Japan’s gothloli and lolita fashions are all about.

    2. Have a special day just for dressing up in lolita, and nothing more.

    3. Meet other lolies in our area.

    4. Keep photoalbums of and record the progress of gothloli and lolita fashion around the world.” Created by kittyhot @ LJ

    you can also join the FB event and tell about your plans for tomorrow, usually this week and the other the online comms and webs are saturated with meetups pictures and videos, outfit posts and comments about the day. so you’ll better be prepared for a Loliday Overdose.

    In my case i’ll go with my friends to a 50’s themed tea shop, sice we are on summer now, a nice milkshake and a piece of cake will do.

    What are your plans for tomorrow ladies?

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    1. Anonymous
      diciembre 4, 2010 / 1:08 am

      Hm, I think I'll spend the day makeing a very nice loli-drawing, and seeing if we have any loli-able old clothes around here. (Even if I have no lace to adorn it, ruffels will work!)

    2. akumaxkami
      diciembre 4, 2010 / 1:33 am

      I'm planning to dress up in an OTT Gothic Lolita coordinate and spend the day indoors drinking tea and embroidering one of my handmade skirts.

    3. DuskRose_Dreaming
      diciembre 4, 2010 / 2:38 am

      Unfortunately I have a schedule conflict with the loliday meetup in my area this time, but I may try to dress up anyway. I'd like to have my own version of akumaxkami's plans–OTT gothic and sewing sound like a very nice day!

    4. Anonymous
      diciembre 5, 2010 / 10:29 am

      Me gustaria hacerte una pregunta con respecto a la compra por internet(estuve viendo tu videoblog)la cuestio es la siguiente, al entregarte la caja con el producto (via ems)en ese instante cobran el inpuesto de la aduana (50%)y si se tiene que pagar con targeta o efectivo *2)la cuenta paypal-como hago para bonificar lo comprado(si es posible detallado)creo que es todo.. estare esperando a que pongas a la venta esas cosillas que vi ya me aflie a tu blog..grasias

    5. Lessie
      diciembre 6, 2010 / 1:58 am

      @estreallua nice plans! i hope you had a great day@akumaxkami ott gothic sounds great, i wanna see pics of your embroider work!@DuskRose_Dreaming oh too bad, i hope u had a great day anyways!@~♡♥May SticK★☆ no es siempre que te lo van a parar en aduanas, es aleatorio. y se paga en efectivo de ser asi. y tampoco es necesariamente el 50%. en la cuenta de paypal de dice todo lo que compraste y cuando.

    6. Anonymous
      diciembre 7, 2010 / 11:25 am

      Gracias Lessie <3

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