Hello ladies, how are you all doing?sorry for posting so much lately but January is ending and i wanted to do the theme, since i did it a while ago, looking at both themes now, i can’t believe it has grown so much!! some stuff are missing cause i was too lazy to take pics of it, but you can see them perhaps in the other post, and some are missing cause i sold them long time ago.I must say i’m a skirt girl, i do have some jsks/ops but i preffer skirts much more, i find them more wearable, but let’s start shall we?this is how the closet normally looks like lol you liar as ifSkirts!Pink!white, and polcadoted is handmade by me, the striped one was made by ‘s mom with some fab traditional fabric, the pink one is off brand and the combat one from meta, gift from .Angelic Pretty/s wonder cookie, metamorphose toy box (just sold that) and metamorphose pinsomething skirt.Angelic Pretty’s strawberry ribbon (i love that skirt to death) Baby’s don’tknowthename(my first baby piece) and bodyline’s meta replica. going to sell that.Reds!God Save The Queen (handmade by me, and LOVE IT) bodyline ap replica, was a gift haven’t use it yet. bodyline floral skirt.green/bluesax is heart E, the darker one is offbrand, the one with the dots is vintage and the two other handmade by me.all handmade by me but the floral one which is ETC. sorry for the crappy picBlack!i do have like 3 more black skirts, and one brown one, but i was too lazy to look for themunicorn one is handmade, metamorphose (duh) and putumayo-my first brand piece, i love it so much-jsks!handmade and babybaby (i loved that jsk since i first saw it!) IW (my prom dress, so fab) and AP (gotta fix it is soooo big on me)Handmade and Baby (from 2004 or something? it was featured in bible 9! <3) love it.and the last one to join the party, victorian maiden’s rococo bouquet. picture taken by i wasn’t able to take a pic, with just the dress.Blouses!sorry for the crapy pic.bodyline, baby, anna house, handmade, offbrand. i have more offbrand but meh.Outerinfanta, primark, random.socks!all offbrand but that bodyline pair over there(the one with music notes)

1-2 offbrand 3-bodyline 4-angelic pretty 5-6 offbrand1-bodyline 2-offbrand 3-angelic pretty 4-5 offbrand 6-secret shop 7-bodyline 8-offbrandHead Stuff (some of them)handmade by me, gifts, angelic pretty, offbrand.bonnets and minihat are handmade, straw hats are primark, rest is random.Bags!bodyline, vintage, randomTotebags

angelic pretty, chantilly, metamorphose, bodyline, handmade, jane austen center<3Shoes!i’m still missing the winter shoes (boots and stuff)

1-offbrand 2-montreal 3-anna house 4-primark 5-random 6-7-8- random 9-10 bodylinei’m still missing all the accessories, but is too late already and too messy to take pics of that too, if you don’t trust me, check this outso if you excuse me i have to clean this up, if you want to see the rest or maybe better pics, you can check out my poupee closet 😀 .thanks for watching and have a lovely dayxx


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  1. Cerise Rose
    enero 29, 2011 / 6:44 pm

    hay que linda tu ropa :Describis el blog en ingles para practicar? tal vez deberia hacer eso mismo con el frances yo…beso 😀

  2. Bunny Princess
    enero 29, 2011 / 8:04 pm

    Cuantas faldas!! Me encantan un monton de cosas tuyas, como una falda rosa claro con lazos o todas esas diademas tan sweet *.*

  3. Riechan
    enero 30, 2011 / 5:09 pm

    I saw your closet on egl! :Dlove the metamorphose skirt and the bodyline flower skirt! I'm starting my wardrobe ^^ Got two skirts in the mail ^^

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