• Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

    Nothing says old glamour like diamonds, for centuries these sparkly rocks were synonym of status, glamour and elegance. How many films and songs talk about them? Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Moulin Rouge, Titanic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, just to name a few. Couples sealing their love with a precious ring, celebrities sporting them on the red carpet and even wars started because of them. How can they be so important and valuable? I did some research  and i found out that for example, diamonds were used in engagement rings because of their symbolism. The ancient Greeks believe that the diamond’s inner fire was a reflection of the burning flame of everlasting love, because diamonds are supposed to be the strongest and the hardest mineral known to man, the diamond easily became a symbol of an unbreakable bond between two people, even though they aren’t the more expensive stones in the market, diamonds are forever (as supposedly marriage).

    Since the 15th century, the rich and famous used them to prove their undying love, the shape changed with time and the price too since they found mines in South Africa and Brazil and the market was overload of them, by the WWII the price was at its lowest.

     I found out that Queen Victoria had a snake-shaped engagement ring since they were consider good luck, and other stones such as sapphire or rubies were also used in custom jewelry. In older days Princesses would wear them in their dresses and gowns to establish their pride and honor. Slowly this gorgeous stone was a symbol of wealth and power, nowadays, their popularity within the western community is so big the diamond ring became almost a must- when it comes to marriage proposals. But even if (as i) you don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, i would still love to own one of these transparent and sparkly rocks. 

    They tend to be super expensive but then Anjolee came to me with a proposal, to show you guys about their customizable jewelry, i thought this was so much fun to do, it gives you the ability to custom-build all of their jewelry designs based on taste and budget -which comes in handy-  you get to chose the design, metal -it can be made out of gold, white gold or platinum-, carat weight, the diamond you want and other things such as length of the chain or size of the ring.They are based in San Diego, California. It’s cool if you live in the US and want to spoil yourself! i wouldn’t recommend it outside the States though, because insurance would be too expensive and it would suck if it gets lost in the mail or something. If you want to know more about them you can check their FAQ  and get to know them a bit better. If i had some money to spare i would love to have a diamond pendant necklace to feel like Audrey orMarilyn, Like Rose or  Satine for a day, a girl can dream, right? 

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    1. ElisBlack
      octubre 29, 2012 / 7:23 pm

      Shine bright like a diamond ♫♪Loved it, nice research!

    2. Anonymous
      octubre 30, 2012 / 7:20 pm

      love diamonds

    3. Charly Alberts
      julio 4, 2013 / 9:36 am

      Diamonds have always been the best friend of women. Diamonds are being used by women for their personal adornment from the beginning of 18th century. Diamonds are largely used in all the jewelries especially in rings. Today most of the people prefer diamonds in their engagement rings. Perfect Wedding Diamond Rings are always adorned by people. Diamonds show the elegance and status of a person.

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