• Si me dieran un dólar por cada vez que me llega una pregunta en …
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  • Como saben (y si no saben se están enterando ahora) la primera publicación …
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  • Como es tradición por estos lados, cada 3 de diciembre celebro que un día …
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  • La industria de la moda es una de las más grandes y existen muchos …
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  • First post of the decade!!

    first Coord of the decade♥ how was your cellebration?! what did you eat? did you party at night ;D?any traditions?! do tell please!let’s rock this 2010!

    Last lolita outfit from 2009

    LAST LOLITA COORD 09skirt handmadebodyline shoesVW necklacerest offbrand BEST WISHES FOR 2010!LOLITA POWAAA!

    hey 2009, take care! good bye..

    so i was plannign a photo post, but im so damm lazy to do it,so..importan 2009 things list10 things that I’ve done a lot this year:-i Met, cherry, sistinas and…

    the nutcracker

    so yesterday i went to La Plata, so see the nutcracker.jsk: IWbag, shoes, socks: bodylineBow, accesories, handmadeBlouse anna houseparasol babythe theatreand the show♥ -It is Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaum…

    prom night

    Last tuesday, it was my prom! i have wait for this day since forever i can’t belive i finished high school! those 5 years were amazing, i met awesome people…


    last saturday, was the International Lolita Day, it was pretty rainy and awful so we celebrated the day after.We went to Galerias Pacifico, to have lunch, chat and then window…


      ♥ Hello everyone!i’m lessie, i live in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos aires. i’m 17 years old, but i’ll be 18 in a few days. im a lolita, i…


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